WYSS offers comprehensive services to help you from start to finish in implementing your Mountain Xperience project.


Concept design
This is the very first phase of your project. After evaluating the installation location, your needs and the project limitations (technical, environmental, etc.), WYSS will create a proposal for your Mountain Xperience complete with a layout featuring 3D views, the various planned activities and additional services (welcome area, changing rooms, rentals, restaurants, machine room, etc.).

Detailed design
After the customer approves the concept design, we will undertake a comprehensive study of your entire project. WYSS’s in-house design team will draw up all the necessary construction plans, taking into account all structural, architectural and insulation requirements for your project.


Whether your needs include refurbishment or brand new construction, a team of WYSS engineers and technicians will oversee all civil engineering tasks, from concrete work to metallic structures, waterproofing and insulation.


WYSS will manage all flows necessary for your buildings: fire safety, plumbing, lighting, telecommunications, CCTV, sound, etc.

WYSS will manufacture and install all essential equipment for your Mountain Xperience:

  • Refrigeration equipment to cool the dome and ground
  • Snow machines
  • Air treatment equipment for heating and air conditioning in non-activity areas
  • Hydraulic and electrical connections
  • A complete battery management system (BMS): installation verifications, regulation and monitoring).

An operations manager assigned to your project will also be on-site during the entire installation phase and until the handover of your snow dome is fully completed.

To ensure your peace of mind during the project construction and installation phases, WYSS can provide consulting services. We will oversee all work and ensure the detailed design plans are followed to a T, taking any necessary decisions as the work progresses.

For all refrigeration-related, snow production and air treatment equipment, WYSS offers maintenance contracts that range from basic preventive servicing to full-service options.

With our extensive technical expertise in architecture, energy and refrigeration, WYSS can carry out a customized audit of your installation at any time. Regardless of the purpose of your audit, WYSS will strive to provide the most appropriate and performance-oriented solutions for your system.

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