Mountain Xperience is a snow dome concept that immerses customers in the universe of snow sports and the mountains through a range of modular and complementary activities for all ages: skiing, toboggans, tubing, ice rinks, carousels, hiking, snowmobiles, bobsleighs, ice karting and more.

The Mountain Xperience concept is a turnkey solution that includes all the infrastructure, equipment and services you need for:

  • The structure
  • Snow production, refrigeration and dome air treatment
  • The entire activity offer
  • Non-activity areas (welcome area and ticket office, changing rooms, restrooms, offices, rental area, restaurants, etc.).

This concept is comes equipped with all-weather snowmaking systems for activities in any season and is available in two packages:

This package is designed for customers who would like to integrate a Mountain Xperience into an existing facility.
For this option, WYSS will tailor:

  • The Mountain Experience concept to suit the available space
  • The existing facility to meet the concept’s technical requirements

This package is designed for customers who want to integrate a Mountain Xperience into an available plot which requires an outdoor structure to be built.
For this option, WYSS will handle all prior construction and will recommend one of two types of structures depending on the project:

A non-permanent structure
This structure has the advantage of being both semi-mobile and modular: after a certain amount of use, it can be disassembled and reassembled on another site or expanded.

A traditional structure
This structure is built like a traditional permanent building.

Regardless of the package you choose, the outdoor Mountain Xperience structure will comply with well-defined heat insulation and durability specifications.